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Our Products
Our company is a specialized biogas company. We develop biogas systems, and the related equipments and products to build the biogas systems. The following are the biogas systems that BioEarth  can provide
BioEarth  family size biogas system

BioEarth  medium size biogas system

BioEarth  big size biogas system

1.Introduction of BioEarth  family size and medium size biogas system BioEarth  family size biogas system is mainly applied to farmerís home. The family size biogas system is composed of a 6 or 10 m3 biogas plant , the pipe system, the gas purify system and the appliances or electricity generator.
BioEarth  medium size biogas system is mainly applied for small size livestock farms to treat the animal waste, for schools or factories etc. to treat waste water from toilets. The medium size biogas system is composed of a group of 10 m3 biogas plants that are formed into a unit, the pipe system, the gas purify system and the appliances or electricity generator.
For BioEarth  family size and medium size biogas system, we sell all the necessary equipments and products needed to build the system and train technicians. BioEarth can build the biogas system with our equipments and products for our customers or yours. The following are the equipments and products needed to build BioEarth  family size and medium size biogas system:
The steel mould.
This product is composed of a number of steel molding boards, and is used to construct the concrete digester. By using a steel mould a 6 or 10 m3 BioEarth  biogas digester can be built within 48 hours. The steel mould is reusable and can be used over 2000 times, last over ten years. It is very easy to build the concrete digester with the steel mould, because the constructers need no blueprint, and working on the steel mould is the only skill required. Thus, using the steel mould can greatly increase the speed and quality of the concrete digester construction.
Steel mould
Steel mould with Outer
The glass fibre reinforced plastic gasholder.
The glass fiber reinforced plastic gasholder is one of the main components of BioEarth  Biogas Plant, whose function is to collect and store the biogas produced in the digester. The gasholder has a volume of 1.0 m3 or 1.2 m3 . 1.0 m3 gasholder is for 6m3 biogas plant and 1.2 m3 gasholder is for 10m3 biogas plant. The gasholder can last over 10 years
Biogas appliances and fittings.
Double burner biogas

Large burner Biogas
(For restaurant use)

Biogas rice cooker
Pressure gage
Biogas lamp
Biogas generator
Flow meter
Biogas Valve
Big size desulpharize
Big size desulpharize

Big size dehydration

Introduction of the family-size BioEarth  Biogas Plant
(1)The structure.
BioEarth  Biogas Plant is of the hydraulic pressure biogas plant type, and is composed of a concrete digester and a glass fiber reinforced plastic gasholder. The digester has a capacity of 6 or 10 cubic meters, and is constituted by a stomach, a neck,an inlet and an outlet. The gasholder is 1.6 m in diameter, 1 or 1.2 cubic meter in capacity. The gasholder is installed within the digester neck, fixed by a component; the gasholder and the digester are sealed up with water.
(2) Superiority
Comparing with the traditional fixed dome type hydraulic Biogas plant, BioEarth  Biogas Digester has the following distinct advantages:
1) Easy to build and 100% success rate: The construction of BioEarth  Biogas Plant is exempt from the difficult airtight craft, so the technical difficulty is greatly decreased, and the construction period is greatly shortened. To build a BioEarth  Biogas Digester successfully, the constructers are only required to master how to assemble and disassemble the steel mould. Any workman can learn to build BioEarth  Biogas Digester within a day and with 100% success rate.
The construction process of BioEarth  Biogas Plant
1. dig a hole in ground
2. assemble the stomach mould
3. Assemble the vault mould
4. Cast the
digester stomach
5. Assemble the
neck mould
6. Cast the
digester neck
7. disassemble
the mould
8. build the
inlet and out
9. Install the
gas holder
The contrast of the technical requirements for the builders

The Contrast of the construction period